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I love visiting classrooms to share my love of reading and writing! My standard visit consists of three presentations of up to an hour each, with no more than 50 students per group, grades K-5. 


My presentations can focus on either writing nonfiction or fiction. For nonfiction, I use the Who Was? books I have written, to talk about research, primary and secondary sources, finding cool and quirky facts, how to tell a story that is fun and more! For fiction, I talk about having a catchy opener, a strong beginning, middle and end, good character development, etc. For both genres, I cover rewriting, editing, and the basics on how a story is constructed. And of course, I leave time for questions and book autographing!


I am also willing to have lunch with a small group of students who are particularly interested in the writing process. 


If you are interested in scheduling a school visit, please contact me here.  I will get back to you, as soon as I can, with my availability and pricing. 

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